WARRIORS: Farts of Destiny


The Mysterious, The Defensive, & The Wild

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Froststar, The Shark

Shatterdstar, The Orca



Medicine Cats



General Clan-cat Description

Wildclan cats are generally regarded as band of rogues with leadership and morals. Cats are a lot less social and as a community they are far from being tightly knit. They are cats who came together to boost their chances of everyone's survival and they have yet to move away from that perspective. That lead to cats having dispositions that would incline them to make the choice to join and are more likely to agree with the general ethos of the clan. Cats are also way more likely to be culturally diverse, maintaining tradition and beliefs from their past walks of life without as much assimilation.

Apperance wise, Wildclan does not have the strongest visual identity. Since most cats are loners or rogues, there is a lot of range in build and color. However, cats that originated from the colony do tend to come in light coloration, dusty-greys and whites. There are also many cats who moved clan to join Wildclan, and as such have apperances echoing their origin.


Wildclan inhabits a wide, expansive beach. Their camp is hidden, taking place upon a tall cliff just above the ocean, waves crashing into the rocks many fox-lengths below, and large holes along the cliff wall take the form of dens. A waterfall cascades down the center of camp, falling into the ocean below. Their territory spans the beach, and reaches into the lightly wooded field around it. A metal thunder-path (train track) marks the edge of the territory.

Wildclan is quiet, usually going unseen by others and very distant from the other clans. They don't communicate much outside of gatherings and keep their business to themselves, however they are very welcoming to those who are seeking a new home.

Despite being characterized by a clan of rogues, Wildclan is far from disorganized and underdeveloped. They tend to work at their own pace, ignoring the pressure and bad habits of their bordermates.

Cats in Wildclan are granted the choice to choose or be given a warrior name, but having the prefix-suffix style is not required, so a lot of cats have unique and single word names. Belief in Starclan is also not required.

Unique Ranks: Divers and Diver Apprentice


Originally nothing more than a band of rogues, Wildclan took shelter in an old, crumbling home for quite some time. Their leader was Frostrunner, an Ivyclan exile and former mate of the leader, cast out in response to his violent crimes. The group steadily grew until no longer could these cats fit the twoleg den. Amongst the rogues was an ex colony cat, the once leader of a mountainous colony left behind. Both regarded as a treacherous outcast, a quick friendship blossomed.

As the group grew, the rogues desired guidance and formation, Frostrunner and Shattered Diamond stepped up to offer them leadership. They found a land they could call home, formed borders, and dubbed themselves "Wildclan." They grew silently alongside the other clans, not showing themselves until the full moon rose and the clans gathered, only then did Frostrunner and Shattered Diamond announce their newfound leadership and introduce Wildclan as a new part of the territories.


Wildclan’s territory is diverse, but the majority of their boundaries are swallowed by a long and expansive beach, with glittery sand and trenches that wrap around a grassy field that is lightly decorated with trees. Tall cliffs mark the south border and occasionally seep through the center, bringing with them caves of various sizes and complexities. Weaving around the outskirts of Wildclan territory are train tracks, which seem to be largely unused, but sometimes a faint whistle or the sound of an engine can be heard in the dead of night. All together, this land is exceptionally beautiful and pleasing to the eye.