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Butterfly Wing
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A Lifetime Among Lycans

My current main project! Going under a rehaul currently due to some drama behind the scenes, but, I've since gotten sole custody of the project after it was split before. It's a story of the dramatic misadventures of a shapeshifter and apothecary supplier as they courier their way through medieval Germany. There's currently a PMV and two fully voice acted animatics avaliable to watch.

Action Figure Motel

A free to use template to make your own website to display your OCs, worlds, and whatever you'd like built for artists, roleplayers, writers, furries, and all else. Kind of like Toyhou.se but less infuriating, in my opinion at least.

Everlasting Hunt

A choose-your-adventure story about a wolf hunting a hare, written to be reminiscent of fables and myths. Everlasting Hunt explores choice, agency, fate, life, death, and a strange interpretation of the concept of "soulmates." Made with Ren'py in collaboration with one of my classmate for our school's 2024 game jam.


I've made a lot of videos on my youtube channel from Warriors to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure to original content. I've done animatics, PMVs, MAP parts, shitposts, and audiobooks. It's fun, but, I've not uploaded anything since Summer-Fall 2023, especially since in the past it was mostly a multiple party venture.

Butterfly Wing
Dagger end.