WARRIORS: Farts of Destiny


Wildclan inhabits a wide, expansive beach. Their camp is hidden, taking place upon a tall cliff just above the ocean, waves crashing into the rocks many fox-lengths below, and large holes along the cliff wall take the form of dens. A waterfall cascades down the center of camp, falling into the ocean below. Their territory spans the beach, and reaches into the lightly wooded field around it. A metal thunder-path (train track) marks the edge of the territory.

Wildclan is quiet, usually going unseen by others and very distant from the other clans. They don't communicate much outside of gatherings and keep their business to themselves, however they are very welcoming to those who are seeking a new home.

Despite being characterized by a clan of rogues, Wildclan is far from disorganized and underdeveloped. They tend to work at their own pace, ignoring the pressure and bad habits of their bordermates.

Cats in Wildclan are granted the choice to choose or be given a warrior name, but having the prefix-suffix style is not required, so a lot of cats have unique and single word names. Belief in Starclan is also not required.