Dagger hilt saying pray
Butterfly Wing
Jolyne laying down in bed


My commissions are currently open!

My art blog - My Action Figure Motel

A basic commission is 10$! A background is another 10$. Another character is 5$. Complexity can have an additional charge (5-20$). NSFW and fetish commissions are on sliding scale per character (5-20$) depending on subject matter. Non-sexual toplessness is not counted as NSFW regardless of gender, but bottomless is. Vehicles, human-esc, robots, and animals are priced as characters.

I will do just about anything, I love leaving my comfort zone! Guns, guts, complex prosthesis, pin-ups, horses, and horrors all on the table!

I do have degression to turn down commissions that have discrimatory themes and relationships that are incestous, non-consensual, or otherwise predatory/abusive in a positive (romantic or pornographic) light. Fetish art is case by case but generally accepted.

I accept Venmo as payment. Close friends I also accept goodies of equivalent value. Ask about art trades and most of the time, I'm willing to do one. (Normally just not sfw for nsfw trades.)

Butterfly Wing
Dagger end.