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A Lifetime Among Lycans

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All For Nothing At All

Written for Jojo

Link - Link

Date Started: Jan 19, 2023

Word Count: 2,313

Characters: Giorno Giovanna, Enrico Pucci, Pannacotta Fugo, Guido Mista, Trish Una, Jean Pierre Polnareff

Universe: Giorno in Stone Ocean AU

Rating: T

Status: Finished

Synopsis: Giorno Giovanna is many things, but the one that he feels the strongest disconnect to is as a "Son of Dio." He and his partner Fugo have been moved to try to take the main man alive which ties him to that identity down. He feels conflicted.

Like A Snake In A Hen House

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Date Started: Mar 4, 2023

Word Count: 1,769

Characters: Johnny Joestar, Diego Brando, Other Minor Characters

Universe: Modern AU

Rating: T

Status: Finished

Synopsis: Diego Brando eats a ceramic egg and has to go to the ER. Johnny's livid.

The "Come to Jesus" Moment


Date Stopped: Jul 25, 2023

Word Count: 5,584

Characters: Johnny Joestar, Lucy Steel, Diego Brando

Universe: Butterfly Effect AU

Rating: T

Status: Unfinished

Synopsis:A few events changing can cause quite a few ripples. It's more of a tidal wave to Johnny Joestar. He counts the days.