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Untitled Assassin Project

Warrior Cats


A Lifetime Among Lycans

"I love a woman that can kick my ass."

- Spike Spiegel, Cowboy Bebop: Knocking on Heaven's Door


Full Name: Dick

Sex, Gender, Prounouns: Woman, He/Him

Sexuality: Bisexual & Polyamorous

Group: Untitled Assassin Project

Dick is someone who fits the “dashing rogue” persona in a way. He’s charming yet dangerous. He’ll stab some backs and kiss some asses, but he’s got a method to the madness for the most part. He has a world he wants to see and he’s going to make it so eventually. His main achilles’ heel is just greed both when it comes to climbing the ladder socially and something on the side. The biggest strength he has is just the ability to be a straight man in all of the madness, and by being that he has a lot more control in a situation than others may realize.


  • Charming and relatively collected
  • Determined the point he’s unafraid to do what he needs, for better and worse
  • Greedy and not forth-coming

Height: 5'7"-ish

Weight: Average

Age: Varies

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Brown and Blue

Race: White

Key Features: Too many to count.

Short Description:


Long Description:


Height: Average

Weight: Average

Fur Color: Dilute Calico

Eye Color: Brown and Blue

Key Features: Too many to count.

Short Description:

A longhair yellow and blue cat.

Long Description:

A scraggly cat with long yellow fur with blue parts awkwardly placed throughout in swaths and speckles. Everything about him tends to be either furry or sharp teeth and claws always out and displayed and fur in varying levels of kept appropriate for the time of day. His skin is pink in some places and grey in others. He’s a bit of a mismatch but in a charming way.

Backstory Paragraphs

Backstory Paragraphs

Backstory Paragraphs

Referance Images

Cat Design Originally by LakeTheLake

Color Pallets

Main Pallet

████ #E0B51B - ████ #F9CDA0 - ████ #371D05 - ████ #543B07 - ████ #9D992D - ████ #91CEC7

Main Clothing

████ #E5C561 - ████ #6A4C23 - ████ #40301C - ████ #2D1D08

Cat Pallet

████ #4D5059 - ████ #E0B51B - ████ #F1D432 - ████ #F5F887 - ████ #E58052 - ████ #543B07 - ████ #9D992D - ████ #91CEC7

Cat Clothing

████ #E96524 -████ #E99824 - ████ #BD772C - ████ #F1D432 - ████ #FEC00E


By ghostii404 Ft. notable_toad's Marbleshade

Ft. LakeTheLake's River

By LakeTheLake

By notable_toad

By notable_toad

By mushroom.commissions