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A Lifetime Among Lycans

"Women Be Shopping" - John Douglass, Misogynist


Full Name: Ex-Wife Exwife

Sex, Gender, Prounouns: Cis Molly, She/Her

Age: Whatever's Funniest

Species: Cat

Sexuality: Whatever's Funniest

Exwife is a joke character originating from now-defunct tumblr oc group "Mommyclan." (Even if she is from "Daddyclan"). She is everyone's Exwife but none recognize that everyone has the same ex because of her name. She keeps romancing different Mommyclanners to try to escape from Daddyclan, however she leaves each relationship quickly because she's never satisfied and leaves to romance the next. She's got an ungodly amount of alimony payments and she shops for everyone in Daddyclan and so they don't want her to leave, to the point of having a patrol officer.

Exwife is goofy but tends to be pretty nice and complimentary. She can charm anyone attracted to mollies with her eye colored eyes and her fur colored fur.

She's mostly just really funny.

Nowadays she functions on the line between sona and character due to her defunct origins but still being unendingly charming to people, just like to all her spouses.

Referance Image

Color Pallet

████ #FFFFFF -████ #FFADC8 - ████ #870114 - ████ #EC1C24

████ #EC1C24 - ████ #FF7E29 - ████ #FEC81D - ████ #FEF11D - ████ #B3E529 - ████ #1EB04E - ████ #09A2E6 - ████ #4049CA


Exwife and Blubberspine in a faux shojo manga style in monochrome. Exwife is blushing hard as he pulls a kabedon. They're surrounded by Doki Doki kanjiFt. @blubbertime's Blubberspine

In a fully colored more cartoony style, Blubberspine turns his head away and lowers his paw onto her shoulder as she is startled. Behind them, there's a bang as Skaterpaw has faceplanted into the grass with his board in the air.Ft. @blubbertime's Blubberspine

and @ahoyitstie's Skaterpaw

Right to left comic on whiteboard in black and white. It's a parody of the Jotaro vs Dio fight with Exwife as Dio and Twinklepaw as Jotaro and drawn in an imitation of Araki's style. First is a bust shot of Exwife saying Oh? You're approaching me? Instead of running away, you're coming right to me? in the first text box and Even though your mentor told you the secret of Daddyclan. Like an apprentice scrambling of finish their warrior assessment before the sun changes? The next panel is looking up at Twinklepaw as she approaches menacingly with her sparkly eyes shrouded in shadow and surrounded by do katakana, saying I can't beat the shit out of you without getting closer. The final panel has a zoom in on the left half of Exwife's face looking equally as menacing and also surrounded by do katakana, Oh ho! Then come as close as you like.Ft. @brightlycloudy's Twinklepaw

In the same style as the other panels, Exwife and Twinklepaw re-enact the Jotaro and Dio meme panel. Exwife as Dio and Twinklepaw as Jotaro.Ft. @brightlycloudy's Twinklepaw

Cheetahchirp looks forward from behind to Exwife, who is looking with these big overly sparkly heart filed eyes. She has her paw up as she says Wow Cheetahchirp, your name is so cool it's like a Homestar runner character! We should TOTES go out together sometime!Ft. @mommyclan's Cheetahchirp

A colored pencil drawing of Owlglare. In a memory bubble, he and Exwife are talking happily as she says Wow you are off-putting and have big eyes like a bug and I have big eyes and look kind of like a bug, I think we may be soulmates. Below that memory bubble is a sketchy drawing of Owlglare crying and looking pitiful.Ft. @indigostudiosss Owlglare

A pencil drawing of Exwife and Puppypaw. Exwife is happy and surrounded by squiggles while smooshing one of Puppypaw's cheeks with her paws while Puppypaw looks miserable. Exwife says Haha Wow! I can touch anywhere on your face and it's still wet! That's adorable! Do you have any single parents or a mentor or perhaps even a much older sibling that can do this too? Haha.Ft. @nanistar's Puppypaw

By @worrysomegus Ft. Coughsyrup